Creative Design Solutions

To be a leading supplier of creative garden buildings using our modular build system. We’re a passionate design- led company, keen to embrace innovation and new ideas, from using modern materials to eco- friendly walls.

MiModula is about being different. Our functional spaces offer our customers a clean, quick modern and attractive space solution that is functional all year round - for work for leisure.

A MiModula Approach

  • People crave extra functional space, for work for play.
  • There is a lot of cost involved with moving home, adding extensions, dirt, builders and architect fees or Stamp Duty!
  • Planning rules have been relaxed in recent years– permitted development rights– allow for certain buildings to be added to gardens without fuss. Our buildings are designed to work within these rule changes.
  • Post Brexit world. People will think more about what they can do to add space at home
  • A very dull marketplace! A marketplace dominated by wood and glass and brick-shaped sheds!

Why MiModula is different

Spaces need to be individual and affordable. Our modular buildings can deliver the perfect Home Office, Studios, Gyms or even a Kids room - for work or leisure, easily and quickly! The unique “Modula flex” TM system means garden buildings can evolve and work with their surroundings and provide the client with a fabulous design. It’s new and we’re thrilled with the end result and confident they will be well-received.

We offer a FREE site survey and pricing – The price we quote will be for a delivered building including electrics, foundations and VAT. We want to make planning your extra space clear and affordable. MiModula buildings start from £ 995 per sq m. or per 10.76 square feet. Other extras are available – heating units and lighting upgrades.